Bumble II The dates

To me, the main focus of the bumble bot was technical exploration. I wanted to wait and see how dating went, but it was rather repetitive, and I couldn't keep up. But some of my friends, who are the only ones who read this (I love you all and will buy drinks for each of you whenever we hang out UwU), said they wanted to know how the dates went (I am asexual and idgaf (but I gaf and am too insecure to admit)). But more from the Among Us perspective as opposed to how the person was in the type of situation. I will discuss the folks without names since I didn't tell them I shall report them on the web.

Okay, so some baseline statistics. The Among Us profile got me 18 matches in 3 weeks. I collectively swiped on 249 profiles. Loser vibes, but hey, there is nothing to be done - the only matches I got were because the profile sometimes glitched out and showed people pictures of me (from the old profile) and didn't update to the among us. However, I have learned that it changes to Among Us when they swipe on the glitched profile. Damn you, Bumble, for making a shitty app that keeps glitching. So the matches and the events that followed chronologically are:

Date 1. Rather unremarkable. She seemed preoccupied with work and wasn't curious about the Among Us (How could she not be, blasphemy). I brought up the topic and discussed it. We spoke about how it was to move here, rent, apartment hunting, etc. The night ended on a rather strange note when we returned to her office, where she saw me off at the lobby cause she had to go in and finish some work.

Date 2. Not an actual date, but it was one of the positive interactions since she seemed that she was entertained by the whole Among Us gimmick. We set up a date, but she ghosted, although I got to see the Hokusai Exhibit again, which is always fun.

Date 3. This one was a straight bummer. Thought we got along well and stuff, had some amount of knowledge about each other's hobbies and interests, but it didn't work out in the end. But this was the date when I decided to start giving out little Amongi that I 3D Printed. Which turned out to be a grand success since almost everyone that I gave it to, including some friends, liked the susy little guy. Here is a picture of the 3D-Printed Among Us:

A picture of the 3D printed among us

Date 4. Unremarkable, I wanted to leave as soon as I got there. I think this day, I was somewhat preoccupied with other thoughts. Oddly enough, I sat in the restaurant, and all I thought about was climbing the route of the building that we were sitting opposite. Good handholds, actually, nothing too crimpy. I even think I could have made a dyno to a gargoyle that I saw.

Date 5. It's interesting because I am sure this is reminiscent of Date 3. But the other way around, I know we hung out, and the conversation flowed well. But by now, I knew I was in it for the bot. Because this week, the Bumble subscription had ended, the bot couldn't infinitely swipe on people. In addition, a good part of me was also concerned with writing these posts, coding up the websites and putting everything out there. Anyway, it's not her it's me, and that's how that fizzled out.

This was a relatively short update - I’m on to new things that I want to try out and shall be back - after perhaps a long-ish hiatus with an elaborate shenanigan I have planned.

Until then, keep shenaging!

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